Shape Shifting (for Dummies)

Kaizen. Good change. I adopted this Japanese concept several years ago, and have since made a consistent effort to apply the idea of constant growth to my life.

This year, kaizen manifests as an art class. My first finished piece in three years is pictured above. I have never used color or collage before, so this was a challenge for me.

It’s hard to move forward and break through barriers, especially after spending years building an identity around a specific trait or preference. But we are all multifaceted, and there is nothing preventing us from developing one aspect over another. There is no reason we can’t learn to maneuver between our different elements, or even abandon some part of ourselves if it no longer serves us well (see my post on Marie Kondo for more on how to spark joy).

These changes are what make us human, lest we stagnate and lose our sense of wonderment and our self-determination. Derive inspiration from literature and characters such as Huck Finn, or seek to emulate true marvels like Gordon Parks and Joe Rantz. Become a shape shifter; consider your options, make a choice, and follow the new path.

This week, I hope that you find your kaizen and let it guide you through change that leads to goodness in health, work, and life.

Peace and love.

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