Get Lit with Kit – Best of September 2018

Beginning with books…it was a powerful few weeks. Primo Levi’s The Drowned and the Saved topped my list as it chronicled experiences in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the subsequent psychology of World War Two survivors.

Also significant, and saturated with humor, is Eddie Huang’s Fresh off the Boat. It’s a tongue in cheek memoir of his early life growing up in an immigrant family. The lessons gleaned from this book are not trivial. It speaks to issues of self and community, personal responsibility and hopeful abandon. Hugely entertaining and a very fast read, I highly recommend.

I took on a physical challenge this month with the 10,000 Kettlebell Swings in 10 Days Challenge. Yup. 1,000 swings every day. I was very proud of myself for hitting two personal records. Last year my best time was 28:55 with 8 kg. This year I cut that down to 24:42! I was also able to hit 28:26 with the heavier 12 kg kettlebell, which topped last year’s time too! (Next year, I hope to break 25 minutes with the 12 kg.) I highly recommend setting a fitness goal for the month and measuring how you progress. Think about something that can challenge you and DO IT!!

Music? M.I.A. Of course.  Bad Girls

Peace and love.




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