Get Lit with Kit – Best of December

This month’s fiction is Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. It was one of those rare novels that actually made me pause before turning pages for fear of what I might find on the next one. If you are a fan of Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth, then I highly recommend reading Pachinko, set in Korea and Japan in the years after the Great Depression.

Also worthwhile is Jeannette Walls’s memoir, The Glass Castle. I don’t have words to convey the disdain I felt for her narcissistic and father and dysfunctional mother. It was a painful, powerful read that turned me on to the work Dr. Gabor Mate. His lecture series on guilt and trauma is particularly poignant.

On the fitness front, I wrote a book! If you are in a rut, or maybe just looking to reconnect with your motivation check it out. The chapters on goal setting will help you find your purpose and the final sections include routines and a catalogue of exercises to help you get started. Download Healthy Life, Happy Life with the passcode HLx22018 to gain access.

For additional fitness tips and workouts, follow me on Instagram. Every day there is a new post to help you hold steady as you crush your goals.

Music?  Check out this Opera/Hip Hop combo by Babatunde Akinboboye.

Peace and love.


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