Get Lit w/ Kit – April 2021

Hello hello!

This month I pushed the activist button as it relates to things environmental. The Riverkeepers describe the generations long fight to protect the Hudson from multiple nefarious actors. The trickle down effects and the consequences for the human population was heartbreaking. If you want to learn how water connects to social justice, read The Riverkeepers.

In tandem with ideas of human rights, Heterodox Academy released a new edition of All Minus One, a graphic depiction of John Stuart Mill’s work on freedom of speech. Download it for free and be swept away.

Also on the heavy side was Sand by Hugh Howey. Set in the dystopian future, a family unites to save themselves from the terrible circumstances of the present, and the intractable waves of sand that threaten to bury them all.

Returning to last month’s challenge of songs with lyrics that start with ‘Hey’, here’s a list: Thanks to everyone who contributed! Choose your favorite and dance your heart out – here’s why you should.

Hey there Delilah -Plain White Tees

Hey Ya! -Outkast

Please, Mr. Postman – Marvelettes

I’m on Fire -Bruce Springstein

Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana

What’s Up – 4 Non-Blondes

Hey, Paula Paul and Paula

Hey Jude – Beatles

Hey Mama David Guetta

Hey Mama Kanye

Hey Mama Black Eyed Peas

When you’re done, refuel with a delicious natural snack. This list of seasonal fruits and vegetables will come in handy. (Roasted turnips are my fave.)

Peace and love, Kit

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