Get Lit with Kit #24

I’d like to offer a comic video from Steve Simeone. He jokes about sibling rivalry and I’m going to loosely connect it with Paul Kalinithi’s book When Breath Becomes Air, which explores the meaning of life through his experience as a neurosurgeon who develops lung cancer at the age of 36. Here’s a link to Kalinithi’s NYT piece “How Long Have I got Left?”. What makes your life meaningful?

There is some interesting research on Intermittent Fasting, which seems to be all the rage now that Paleo eating has burned out. I follow the 6 hour window by default, it works well with my schedule, so it’s easy to fit into my life. See if this diet model is right for you.

Lastly, music can be a powerful stimulant. This video emphasizes music’s potent ability to captivate a mind lost and restore hope. What are you listening to these days?

Peace and love,


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