Get Lit with Kit – May 2019

Marshall Goldsmith wrote about daily questions that can help you dominate your life’s circumstances. It requires reflection and daily practice, but if you root yourself in the present and follow through, the impact will be undeniable.

Something else that will hopefully spark your introspection is Six Questions of Socrates. In it, Christopher Phillips explores pivotal questions of morality and obligation through the eyes of various cultures and identities. The first two chapters were especially thought provoking. I’ve included selected quotations on my Instagram.

Cannery Row is one of John Steinbeck’s lesser known classics. The plot is loose but the characters carry power. It was an emotional read, as was Say You’re One of Them, Uwem Akpan’s collection of short stories. Told through the eyes of children experiencing the depravity and cruelty of African life in the aftermath of colonialism, it was both terrible to read and impossible to put down.


For those of us who aren’t teeny boppers anymore, check out this podcast on staying fit after 40 featuring Vincent Metzo. Vincent was my Kettlebell instructor years ago. His personal accomplishments are impressive and his knowledge is invaluable. If you don’t have time to listen to the full conversation, read the summary.

If you’re looking to release some energy and aggression check out my burpee tutorial. It’s a great way to kick your heart rate into high gear. If you’re interested in learning how to scale it down, let me know.

Music this month is from inside San Quentin Jail in California. The Ear Hustle podcast was provocative and revealing. I plowed through all three seasons in two days and enjoyed hearing the sounds produced by men who have been transformed after accepting and accounting for their crimes. Scroll down and listen to Lost in Time. Seriously! Listen to it. NOW.


Peace and Love,


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